Mom & Baby Yoga for the Glutes - With Power Mama Yoga


Mom & Baby Yoga for the Glutes With Hannah Day

Hi, I am Hannah Day, Founder of Power Mama Yoga ™
I empower moms in all stages of motherhood, through yoga. 

A question that moms often ask me is: "When can I do yoga again after having a baby?"

Generally, if you've had a vaginal delivery I recommend around 6-weeks postpartum and if you had a C-Section, around 8 weeks postpartum. 
But every mom’s body is different. If you want to make sure, check with your healthcare provider. I've had moms return to their yoga mats at 3 weeks postpartum! And some moms at around 3.5 months - it's really different for every mom. 
My yoga classes are all online. At the start of the pandemic, I went online, and I absolutely LOVE it. I get to connect with moms in their most comfortable and safe space: HOME! 

And moms need that connection postpartum (and in the prenatal period too).
An important area to target postpartum are THE GLUTES.

The glutes are mover muscles and help stabilize the pelvis, hips, and the knees. 

They are KEY for pelvic stability, our balance, and a healthy functioning spine & core.
Here is a fun sequence you can do at home with your baby. Choose a time when your baby has slept, is happy, alert, and ready to be engaged.

#1. Clamshells

Lay on your side & bend the knees at 45 degrees, supporting your head with your hand (or you can rest your head on your arm extended). Flex your feet & stack your ankles. Turn on your obliques to stabilize the pelvis, then lift & lower your top leg × 10 reps (getting into the glutes). Be sure to keep the ankles stacked & feet flexed.

# 2. Side-Plank Variation

Ground down through the forearm & come up to the knee & shin of the bottom leg (curl toes behind for balance and make sure this feels ok for your knees). Extend the top leg straight down your mat & lift your top hip to the ceiling. Make it harder by bringing your hand to the floor (stack shoulder above your wrist). Another step harder, extend your bottom leg out too, stacking your feet & lifting the hips up, up, up to the ceiling (lower the knee to the ground at any time). Hold for 3-4 inhales & exhales. Before coming to your side to rest. This pose is for core stability.

# 3. Extended Top Leg

Come back down to the Clamshell position (#1.) Bend both knees to 45 degrees, stacking hips and supporting your head again. Then extend the top leg, engage the obliques (to keep your pelvis steady), then lift & lower the top leg up & down (getting into the glutes again) as you sing "Hey Diddle, Diddle" to your baby. Switch sides (be sure to face your baby) and repeat all three movements on the other side.

If you want a FULL Mom & Baby Yoga class with a focus on the glutes, check out this class (I am wearing a super fun Jill Yoga romper):
For more yoga for moms (in any stage of motherhood) check out

xo Hannah
Founder, @powermamayoga

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