Chakra Series with PowerMamaYoga

The Root Chakra

This May + June, together with Jill Yoga, we are going to be exploring the 7 Chakras together - FOR KIDS!

I (Hannah Day of @powermamayoga) specialize in helping moms find balance through yoga.

Moms also thrive when their children are happy too and the Chakras are energy centers that kids can explore too to help them feel connected to their bodies.

I am going to share Kids Yoga Sequences this May (+ into June) to Balance out the 7 Chakras, which are energy centers in the body. When one Chakra is overpowering or out of balance, we don’t feel balanced.

Each Chakra has a colour, an element and a purpose in the body. You can encourage your child to wear the colour of the chakra they are exploring. 

The first Chakra is the ROOT and the color is red.

ROOT CHAKRA MANTRA: “I am strong & grounded.”

The element of the ROOT CHAKRA is earth and your legs are the roots of your being connected to the earth. Think my roots are strong and grounded.

1st pose:  MOUNTAIN POSE ⛰️
“Show me your mountain pose” and see what your child does. It is amazing to see the variations of mountains, all unique, just like our kiddos. Be sure to say “I am strong and grounded” in the MOUNTAIN POSE you choose. Traditionally MOUNTAIN POSE is called Tadasana, and is standing tall, feet hip-distance apart and hands to the sides, palms open and facing forward or together at heart centre. Draw the belly button to the spine to activate the core and ground all four corners of your feet to the mat. 


2nd pose: TREE POSE 🌳

Kids love TREE POSE. I recommend doing TREE POSE with your foot BELOW the knee for kids or keep their bottom foot resting on the floor like a kick-stand. Kids love trying the traditional version of TREE POSE that adults do too. You can play here and say: “what type of tree are you? A cherry tree? Palm tree? Christmas tree? Everything does. If they are a fruit tree, ask if you can pick their apples, cherries, etc & make this fun for you both. If you want to place your foot ABOVE the knee, you can (just don’t place the foot on the knee joint, it’s always above or below the knee joint to keep the knee safe).

TIP: Keeping your hands pressed together at heart center will help with your balance. 

3rd pose: FLOWER POSE 🌻
This is one I made up for kids, because they love flowers. And it helps your child stay grounded and rooted to the earth. Ask them what flower they are, then take a sniff and say: “you smell like a wonderful rose!” (or whatever they choose). You can be playful and ask them to do a tulip, sunflower, buttercup, or daffodil and see if their flower shape changes - everything goes here.

You can be silly and sing:
“Ring a ring o' roses 

A pocket full of posies 

A-tishoo! A-tishoo!

We all fall down.”
(And come down to the ground together for a cuddle).


Have fun!

Xo Hannah

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