Children’s Health & Wellness Tips By Andrea

Children’s Health & Wellness Tips
Featuring: Andrea Caruso
Certified STOTT Pilates instructor
Pilates Rehabilitation Therapist
Canadian Yoga Alliance 300HYoga instructor
Fitness instructor & Personal Trainer
Total Barre instructor
Elemental Rhythm Breathwork Facilitator
Momma of two Goddess girls


Establishing a healthy lifestyle for your children begins with you. Bottom line - your kids do what you do, not what you say, so be an example for them. It’s not rocket science - eat real food, exercise, get outside, drink lots of good quality water and add supplements to your diet to live and feel your best. These are things every adult should be practicing, and in turn, teaching our children.
Start implementing good habits right away, your kids will only know what you expose them to (until they go to school). Now that my kids are older, I try to educate them on why we eat what we do, and why we don’t eat certain things instead of just telling them no when they ask for things that are unhealthy. I inform them of ingredients that are harmful and what these things can do to your system when ingested regularly.
Unfortunately, the companies that make these products marketed to kids do not have their heath as a priority. It is up to us as parents to first educate ourselves and then make those decisions on our kids’ behalf. A healthy lifestyle on top of feeling and living your best, will help avoid getting sick and can lessen the intensity and duration of the sickness, and promote better behavior in kids.  
Here are some helpful tips to getting your kids to live healthier lifestyles:
  1. Eat REAL food! Avoid packaged, frozen and prepared food as much as you can.  Avoid juices or sugary drinks - stick to good quality filtered water.
  1. Cook one meal for everyone! Avoid making different things - or even giving the option. It makes your life easier and once they know whatever is on the table is what’s to eat, if they are hungry, they will eat it, and if they don’t, I have a rule that the kitchen is closed after dinner, so there is no option for a snack afterwards…. We know that game well!! 
  1. Adding in supplements will help get nutrients some picky eaters may be lacking. A good probiotic, vitamin D and C are very important also. I give my kids a good multi vitamin, zinc and omega 3 as well. 
  1. Get outside - kids need to move and play to burn off energy. They also don’t feel the cold as much as we do, so no matter the season, encourage outdoor play. Connecting with Mother Nature and getting fresh air, grounding in the earth and lots of space to run around is so beneficial.
  1. Movement: Another important thing every parent should practice and promote! In nicer weather get the kids outside to ride bikes or scooters, or go on nature walks. For indoor activities, my kiddos like to do cosmic kid’s yoga or we have dance parties! Move with them, go for a nature walk together and have an outdoor scavenger hunt. 
  1. Meditation: It is never too early to incorporate meditation and affirmations into your child’s routine. This is something I started around 3 years old with both my girls, we have a little ritual before bed where we meditate, cleanse and set intentions or manifestations. This helps to relax them before bed and get them into their parasympathetic nervous system to aid in a restful
  1. Life skills: Get your kids involved in the household responsibilities. Have them help cook or bake, an opportunity to teach them about food and how to cook. Give them chores like setting and clearing the table, washing the dishes, helping with the laundry. Helps us parents and definitely will help the kiddos when they are older. We keep a chore chart, and the kids get a star when they help!
  1. Keep them off the screen!! I know it’s hard with the world we live in- but kids do not need screen time to entertain them! They will find something to do if they are not given that vice. My kids do not have their own iPad or free access to it. On occasion we allow them to chat with their friends or play educational games, but they do not have access to YouTube or TikTok. In my opinion, it can be toxic for our children’s development; socially, emotionally, and intellectually. Simply just let them play. Encourage imagination and free play, immersed in art and music. Board or card games are always fun. Nourish their intuitive development. 
Thanks to Andrea for her expertise!

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