Chakra Series Part 3 - Solar Plexus Chakra

The 3rd chakra is the SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA and it's all about confidence.

The element is fire 🔥 and the color is yellow 💛. The area of the body is the stomach, the core, ribs, digestive organs and adrenal glands (these glands help us manage stress).

Mantra: "I am confident.

1st pose: BOAT POSE 🛥️
I love BOAT POSE to activate the core. Make sure as you lean back & lift your legs, bending the knees at 90 degrees, then lift through the heart and bring the chin to the chest to lengthen the back of the neck. Your child can make their boat look however they want, I've seen lots of unique variations & there is no "wrong pose" in kids yoga.

2nd pose: WARRIOR l 💪
Warrior poses in yoga are great for building confidence & strength. For adults we step one foot back and bring the back foot to a 45 degree angle (and you can step this back foot out further to the side for stability). The front toes point forward with your front knee bent over the front heel. Both arms come up to the sky with palms facing each other and the fingers are activated like flames up to the sky. Draw the belly button to the spine for core activation and gaze forward to the horizon. Hold for 2-3 breath cycles. For kids, simply say: "show me what your WARRIOR would look like," any variation they come up with is correct. Tell them how strong they look and say your Mantra together: "we are confident."

3rd pose (not pictured): PLANK POSE
Plank pose is hard for kids & adults alike. I sometimes cue kids "to be a straight log" and see what happens. It's easier to start on the forearms, then draw the belly button towards the spine to activate the transverse abdominis (deep core) and obliques (sides of the core) for stability. It's fine if they drop to their bellies & do a COBRA POSE instead, COBRA activates the core too. Nothing is ever a "wrong pose" in kids yoga.

Remember, you are strong and movement helps with that.

Xo Hannah

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