About Us

Jill Yoga activewear is the successful activewear line
from parent company Ranka Group, founded in 1976,
working with many of the major US and Canadian

Jill Yoga launched in 2011, offering girls and women
fashionable, functional, and trendy athleisure apparel for any
activity. Jill Yoga creates collections made from top-tier
athletic knits. Each item conforms and stretches with every
movement. Jill Yoga designs are on trend with bold colors,
prints and stylish silhouettes.

The importance of good health, confidence and active
living is the Jill Yoga mission. Be Bold, Be Active, Be YOU!
Jill Yoga promotes an active lifestyle through fun,
fashionable, trendy gear. Jill Yoga offers mothers and
daughters a unique opportunity to co-ordinate their gear
and get active together!

The Vision

Be Active.

functional, comfortable, and stylish activewear that encourages movement,
inspires individuals, and supports physical and mental health.

Be Bold.

Create vibrant,
bold and innovative designs that inspire and empower individuals to embrace
confidence and fearlessly express themselves.


Design with every girl in mind, fostering
diversity and self-expression through activewear. We are dedicated to
empowering our squad to embrace their authentic selves without fear,
encouraging them to move boldly and authentically in every moment, wherever
their movement takes them.

The Mission

Jill Yoga prioritizes quality in both our product and your lifestyle. Made from premium athletic fabrics, our activewear effortlessly confirm and stretches with your every movement. Experience breathable comfort and natural wicking ability as you dance, stretch or lounge in style.


Exceptional Price-value
Jill Yoga offers exceptional value for our product, we aim to make quality activewear accessible to all, without compromising on style, design, or functionality.


Jill Yoga leads in creativity, color and boldness, crafting each collection with innovative designs that seamlessly merge style with function. From vibrant hues to functional components, we create new and inspiring activewear that ignites self-expression and individuality.  


At Jill Yoga, community is at the heart of everything we do.
Beyond offering exceptional activewear, we strive to create a vibrant and supportive community for women and children alike. Through our pop-up store locations, we host regular yoga and fitness classes, providing a space for our customers to come together, connect, and nurture their physical and mental well-being. Additionally, we curate special event classes throughout the year, celebrating occasions such as Mother's Day and International Yoga Day. These events not only promote health and wellness but also foster a sense of belonging and camaraderie among our community members. Whether it's through a dynamic yoga flow or a fun fitness session, we are dedicated to empowering women and children to lead active, confident lives, both on and off the mat.