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Ladies 'Align' with Jen

Sticking to a fitness routine is about finding something that works FOR your body! If it feels right, then you’ll LOVE it and if you love it, then you’ll do it. Consistently. That’s why in this class we’re focusing on alignment; the foundation you need to do other activities that you love such as hiking, biking, you name it! Combining breath and intention, we’ll align mind and body using small gentle moves. We’ll wake up sleepy muscles that have had a little “break” and get them to come back to work for more mobility, better posture and overall just feeling strong and awesome!


FREE per person



About this experience

When: Tuesday December 6th

Time: 12:30-1:30PM

Where: Jill Yoga Hillcrest (Across from RW & Co.)

All participants will receive 40% off their purchase any time on the day of the class attended!

Terms & Conditions:

*One ticket per participant.

*Yoga Mats Provided

*Change rooms availible

Purchasing this ticket means you give Jill yoga and Jen Kong to use any photos taken at the event in their marketing materials.

Ticket holders are taking this class at their own risk and waives Jill Yoga and Jen Kong of any liability. 

Your Host

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Jen Kong

BPHE, MAT Specialist, CPTN-PT
Partner at
Richmond Hill


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